Saturday, February 19, 2005

Pet Peeve #3

I'm in Miami this week, and just checked into the hotel. And I was reminded of one of my most-hated peeves: when the room's key-card loses its magnetic muster. Then you gotta go to the front desk and beg them for another one.

"Just be sure not to get the card near any other cards, or near a cell phone, or anything that might contain sulfer, or the color green. And don't let the card come in contact with any kind of atmosphere, such as oxygen, or it will stop working immediately. And whatever you do...don't feed it after midnight!"

Can you remember when real keys opened hotel room doors?


dUgE k said...

I DO remember when hotels/motels would give you an ACTUAL key for your room.

I loved that, but I guess theft became a problem.

These days, you don't even have to return the plastic key-card. I have a drawer full of them somewhere.

Melissa said...

My father used to travel all over the world when I was a little girl, and he'd bring me keychains from foreign hotels -- places from China, Japan, Iran, Egypt, Denmark, Iceland, France, Nicaragua... I had a whole drawer full of exotic keychains from hotels with all these different languages. Somehow they all disappeared.

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