Sunday, March 27, 2005

Time Warp

The chapter title refers to the fact that I've been absent from my blog for about a month. But there's a more compelling reason for it. Today I asked a friend to look at this list of my 100 favorite movies:

Brett's Favorite Films

After perusing the list, she asked me how it was possible that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was conspicuously missing.

It's a little difficult to explain why I, a huge fan of musicals, never embraced The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I'm going to give it the old college try. Why did I love Young Frankenstein, a hilarious sendup of those old monster movies, while TRHPS left me totally cold? I believe I saw it at least twice in the cinema when I was a lad—with the drunken audiences who threw toast and rice and water all over the place, and provided their own "witty" comeback comments to the dialogue.

Here are two things I hate:

A) Loud, unnecessary noises

B) People talking, shouting and/or whispering in a movie theater.

So that goes a long way to explaining why I didn't come away from that particular movie with a more positive experience. Also, I think I view the film as a little too odd and campy for my taste.

Here's another piece of the puzzle, though. I love Monty Python's Flying Circus and Kids in the Hall, so the idea of men dressing up as women clearly does not bother me. The difference is, in those TV series, men were portraying women. But I must admit that I'm a little uncomfortable by the whole concept of "drag queens." It's not something I think about a lot, but I know I have avoided seeing movies like Too Wong Foo and Hedwig and the Angry Inch because there's something about transsexuals and transvestites that just gives me the creeps. Oddly enough, homosexuality in and of itself does not bother me in the slightest. I've seen plenty of gay-themed movies (i.e., Jeffrey and Trick) that I have found perfectly enjoyable. So go figure.

One last thing: When I went to England in 1979, I saw a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show musical, which I enjoyed a lot more than the movie version. Oh, and I do like that "Time Warp" song.

Maybe I just need to see the film on DVD, with nobody shouting out comebacks like, "That's right, asshole!" and no chance of getting rice stuck in my hair.

What do you think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

can take it or leave it. It gets points for originality, but when you watch it without all the snarky comments flying through the air it's a lot more evident that the script, dialogue, and acting is abysmal. But that was probably intentional. I read a book about the making of the play and movie years ago but I don't remember much about the details.

But I don't think the reason that people go see it week after week is because of what a great piece of cinema it is. According to my many gay friends it's a weekly celebration of sexual liberty, of seeing somebody like themselves up on the screen, weither you're lesbian, gay or just straight but like to wear women's clothing, or even just the average folks (Brad and Janet) who long to break out of their sexual repression. Tim Curry's character is both villainous and heroic, and in the end sympathetic. Considering when this movie came out, he was probably one of the first well-drawn, complex bi-sexual characters in cinema. I suppose that's what keeps drawing certain people to it over and over. That and the good music. :-)