Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5/12/09: The Wrong Guy (1997)

My ratings tend to be based on my pure enjoyment of the movie in question, so I'll award Gone With the Wind a "1" and Stroker Ace a "5" if the former bores me and the latter amuses and delights me—it's my blog, and I don't care if I'm watching a film that's adored by critics and audiences across the globe.

Even so, my highest rating of The Wrong Guy looks extremely odd. It's not a great film by anyone's definition...and yet, it made me laugh harder and more frequently than any movie in recent memory. That alone earns its reward. Undoubtedly it helps that I'm a huge fan of Dave Foley (and his Kids in the Hall sketch-comedy TV series), and the inclusion of sexy Jennifer Tilly alone is worth the price of a DVD rental. The movie, co-written by Foley and Simpsons scribe Jay Kogen, has Foley running from the law for a murder he didn't commit—and that nobody else believes he committed. His wide-eyed dim-bulb Nelson Hibbert is a variation of some of the characters he's played in Kids in the Hall, and at times the movie (directed by David Steinberg) does feel like an extended version of one of the short films that series used to feature. (According to Wikipedia, the script was, in fact, inspired by an early KITH-era sketch.) The result may feel like a trifle for non-fans, but even though some of the jokes misfire, The Wrong Guy had me in stitches. Rating: 5/5.

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