Thursday, May 07, 2009

5/5/09: Rancho Deluxe (1975)

I was mostly aware of Rancho Deluxe because of the soundtrack by Jimmy Buffett, whose career was just taking off at the time. The movie features a positively youthful Jeff Bridges and Law & Order's Sam Waterston, while Slim Pickens looks like the grizzled old hangdog he was back in '75. Rancho is an oddball comedy-western about two ne'er-do-well cattle rustlers (Bridges and Waterston) who conspire to pull off a big heist in between their whorin' and drinkin'. It offers a healthy dose of unconventional comedy—a stolen steer chews up a motel room, a hottie played by a former Miss California sucks on Harry Dean Stanton's nipple, and an extended game of Pong are some of the kooky highlights of this picture, written by novelist Thomas McGuane. The story is almost secondary to the offbeat characters, quirky dialogue and humorous situations. Buffett's songs offer just the right tone of breezy C&W. Special thanks to Arthur from AFCA for the recommendation! Rating: 3/5.

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