Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tiny Time Wasters, Part 1

If you're using the Internet, and you click on a link or type a URL into your browser, I'm fairly sure you like to get to the meat right away. Is there anybody who actually enjoys the treacle? Earlier today I went to a website for work...and the introductory page provided the name of the company and a button that said, "Enter." What's the point exactly? Why aren't we automatically directed to the place we want to go? Why must we "Enter"? It's not a building. It's Is there one person on the planet who wants to go through the hassle of a superfluous mouse click? If you're a webmaster with an "Enter" page, you must have this sign on your wall.


dUgE k said...

I've seen this discussed on message boards before.

I think the unanimous opinion is WHY?!

Does it have to do with logging how many "hits" a website gets?

Or, is it just a useless cosmetic thing?

christopherbrooks8366 said...
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Johnny Virgil said...

I used to do it because it was at that point I checked what browser and screen resolution they were using, and then dished up the main page that matched their settings. But since Bill Gates took over the world, he doesn't allow me to do that anymore.

ClickClack53 said...

On a related note (try F#), visit the Web site, and roll your mouse pointer around to find hidden active links -- on every page; loads of 'em. You might be there for hours. And now, back to your life, already in progress.