Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2/27/09: A Tiger Walks (1964)

Quick—which early-1960s Disney movie features American actor Brian Keith as a concerned father of a teenaged girl portrayed by a British actress? Most people would probably answer, "The Parent Trap." But this 1964 drama also qualifies. Well, Pamela Franklin tries hard to sound like an American—a lot harder than Hayley Mills did, at any rate. Keith is a small-town sheriff who's in a bit of a pickle after a Bengal tiger escapes from a truck of a traveling circus. He finds himself torn between the townsfolks' desire to kill the beast, and his animal-loving daughter's insistence that it be captured alive; it all becomes a troublesome political issue, but anybody over the age of 12 won't have any problem predicting the happy ending. A Tiger Walks is a family picture that's dated and dull, with some sloppy and wince-inducing editing and precious little suspense. Keith tries, playing the same stern, put-upon character he always does—he might as well be Uncle Bill from A Family Affair, or Mitch Evers from The Parent Trap. Rating: 2/5.

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