Wednesday, April 01, 2009

3/31/09: Accident (1967)

What an ill-conceived week this is turning out to be. Not even the dull Darling could have prepared me for the sleep-inducing Accident, starring Dirk Bogarde as a married Oxford professor who finds himself in a love-trapezoid with a beautiful Austrian girl he is tutoring and two other men, one of whom is Michael York in his first major screen role. The film starts with the moody prof at his stately country home when he hears the sound of a car accident, which has claimed the life of one passenger and left the other in a kind of catatonic shock. The rest of the movie is a flashback that details the "action" up till that point. As directed by Joseph Losey, the Harold Pinter screenplay is just like one of his plays, by which I mean it is full of pregnant pauses and hidden subtexts. In other words, it all moves at a pace that a snail would leave in the dust. The real accident is how this DVD made its way into my collection in the first place. Note to self: Beware the phrase "critically acclaimed." Rating: 1/5.

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