Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/13/09: Twisted Nerve (1968)

This week's theme is Hayley Mills, an actress I fell in love with a lifetime ago, after seeing her wonderful Disney films Pollyanna and The Parent Trap. My obsession with Mills intensified when I saw The Family Way (1966), an absolutely beautiful picture and one of her first meant strictly for adult audiences. Over the years I've made a point to catch as many of her movies as possible, but now I've got a backlog. This week, I get to scratch seven of them off the list.

Twisted Nerve is the second of three movies Mills starred in with actor Hywel Bennett (the first being The Family Way and the last being Endless Night, which was the fourth movie I saw this year). She plays a sweet librarian who catches the eye of Bennett, a wealthy psychopath who pretends to be mentally retarded to play on her heartstrings. He even figures out a way to move in with her and her mother...and then things start to go horribly wrong. This is a very curious thriller, a variation on both the crazed stalker story and the "big lie" plot I'm always complaining about, but the result is curiously compelling. Hayley never looked more beautiful, and even her mum (Billie Whitelaw) is pretty cute! Rating: 4/5.

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Streeter said...

A real sleeper of a film. Poor-man's Sir Hitchcock in a curious way. A film best seen around 3am - lots of cool shocks and awes.

Love it!

A Streeter 4/5!