Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/14/09: Gypsy Girl (1966)

In yesterday's movie, Hayley Mills played a young woman who befriends an ostensibly slow-witted man; today, she's the one who's mentally challenged. Gypsy Girl, alternately known as Sky West and Crooked, is about a young woman who becomes something of a thorn in the side of the villagers where she lives. As Brydie White, a slightly retarded girl, she leads a crusade of children to bury dead pets in the local cemetery, which is a religious no-no. Along the way, she catches the eye of a gypsy boy named Roibon (Ian McShane). It's a heartwarming star-crossed-lovers story that was written by Mills's real-life mother, Mary Hayley Bell, and directed by father, the great actor John Mills (his only directorial effort). Rating: 4/5.

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