Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15/09: The Truth About Spring (1964)

Produced in between a bunch of Disney movies, The Truth About Spring is an episodic Caribbean-flavored adventure that's far more Disneyesque than her Disney film released later the same year (The Moon-Spinners).

is one of several films she co-starred in with her famous father, John Mills, and both of them are irresistible in this one, playing (very convincingly!) a father and daughter. Hayley is Spring, a teenage tomboy being brought up by her salty-dog papa, Tommy Tyler, on his sailboat. When the pair of them play host to a handsome young fellow named William Ashton (James McArthur) for a couple of weeks, Spring becomes a coming-of-age romance story as Hayley starts to have feelings she's never experienced before. For the boys, there are pirates and buried treasure; for me, there are innumerable scenes that highlight Hayley's shapely, jeans-covered tush. It's an old-fashioned treat for the entire family, and I adored it. Rating: 5/5.

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